ALL OF ME is the story of Ari, an overweight boy who loves cryptozoology and role-playing games. He has body-image issues, and he is tired of letting his weight define him. After a move across the country, his parents work selling and promoting his mother's paintings and sculptures. Ari's artist mother needs space to create, and his father is gone for long stretches of time on "sales" trips. Somehow Ari is supposed to prepare for his already late bar mitzvah! Meanwhile, Ari makes new friends: Pick, the gamer, the artsy Jorge, and the troubled Lisa. He is also relentlessly bullied because he's overweight, but he can't tell his parents—they're simply not around enough to listen.After an upsetting incident, Ari's mom suggests he go on a diet, and she gives him a book to help. But the book—and the diet—can’t fix everything. As Ari faces the demise of his parents' marriage, he also feels himself changing, both emotionally and physically. Here is a much-needed story about accepting the imperfect in oneself and in life.

© 2018 Chris Baron

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